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I do love white and definitely simple young lady.fl0wer?i love r0se!!i was born on 26th JUne 1988.Currently taking mass Communication since 2006.My Dream caR? Lexus430!i wish i could have 0ne someday.i love knowing people and meet new friends. i love seafood especially prawn.nyummy!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


today, i've sit for my first final paper which is etr300...what comes around goes around...hehe..paper dh abis kol 11am td..s0..trus g dining with my girlfriends..elly, ena seems really happy, may be because the paper is kind of easy for them!!grr.... =] guess what, one of my friend..Zila the p0mpuan jahat ade!!CUZ SHE'S HAVING PRESeNTATION this week..so, she comes and kind of visit' us...hehe..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

macadamia yang menyelerakan

hari nie bie tidor bilik ena dan ely lagi,

agak bosan, study entah kemana yang lain mcm ulat bulu..
kat luar meriah owg jogging sambil jerit2..
myb tension final exam kot..
tulah cara nak release tension.

kitowg dlm bilik pn cmtu jgk..
kitowg sume ngidam nak mkn secret recipe dr semalam.
especially white choc n indulgence.

last2 kitowg pesan kat noor beli kek murah dr PERDANA BAKERY alor gajah..hahahah...

nikmat siot
esok paper etr harap2 everything is ok.

he's cute.. =]

he's cute.. =]